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Introduces the Network environment currently employed at the house.

Broadcloth band travels

IAround January, 2001 that the blow band was opened for traffic for the first time at the house of tamachi.
six years before it -- the dialup
of 56 K/Bps mail -- the Internet things -- it used
Service of ADSL began to spread, and some careers were changed after use became possible at the house.

[January, 2001] Tokyo metallic DSL1.5M
[March, 2002] YahooBB 8M (it will cancel in three days)
[April, 2002] ACCA 8M
[February, 2003] YahooBB 12M
[July, 2003] NTT BFlets New Family 100M

House circumference situation

though it is the case where a connection system is ADSL, a performance is mostly decided by the cable length of a house
and a subscription telephone office.
To the subscription office of NTT, in a straight line, the house of tamachi is about 3km
and, probably actual cable length is those with 4km or more.
It was [ at the time of 8MADSL use of ACCA whose conditions were the best
very dissatisfied Downonly 900 KBps(es), and about UP764KBps.
Since there is no solution except that, only as for the problem of the distance to a telephone office, he moves
Introduction of light was considered for some time. When the price of B Flets
falls with sufficient timing by 2003 in June, it is better about introduction immediately.
NTT B Flets New Family100M of the wish were opened for traffic at the house on June 1, 2003.
It was as expected [ which exists although it was surprised that it was opened for traffic
in 14 days after an application / semantic .
(In practice, within ten days, although it was possible, it started on account of tamachi on the 14th)
It is because construction construction of an optical cable was before witnessed
by road in front of a house half a year of opening of traffic and it was checking for workers.
Seemingly in fact, as for the underground of the road in front of a house,
the Japanese basic optical cable will be installed
conditions of location may be having been the highest.
Probably because the workers of NTT are maintenances well, it is working by opening a manhole.
It is w from which a communications network of Japan may become large confusion
when tamachi cuts a circuit.
All people 5 which are also tired with labor

Network equipment

Optical circuit equipment of the house neighborhood is as follows. Various things were discovered when checking.

[The optical cable installed before before  house
opening-of-traffic half a year
with which the optical cable network of
the road-base in front of a house is buried
[Closer for optical accommodation
(gray branch BOX black is an object for public lines)]
[It is underlined with a circuit in from here D Closer.]

It is said that 40 circuits can be accommodated
with this one Closer.
The direct optical fiber is drawn in the house from here.

One optical fiber connects from a left Closer.
, although it is BOX which is carried out
and branches eight times i
[It is underlined with a circuit in from here D Closer.] It is bad if it does not connect when digging.]

One optical fiber connects from a left Closer.
, although it is BOX which is carried out
and branches eight times i
Drawing in BOX installed in the outer wall]

Home network

Network of a house has taken the following composition.
As for Server Room, in fact, it is a difficulty that the room is buried by PC and the record with the room of tamachi,
and there is movement at it. (+_+). [ no ]
Although it regards installing a router in Playing Room (child's room) as unsavory on management just for a moment
Since the flexibility of installation of the way of this was high, it turned a blind eye to the risk which was
and which is shifted, and such composition was decided on.
Since it is often explaining to a child, for the moment, the trouble has not been generated. R('`

* The GIgabitLAN-ized stripes of the server were moved and carried out to Playing Room in February, 2004.
Moreover, in the place near a router, a server can be employed now and it is
peace of mind.


The router and the hub are installed in the place which a hand reaches.
Domestic LAN carried out the GIGABIT-ized stripes especially of the server.

left end: the center of optical circuit converter, middle:router ,right end: router for backup

Since the converter (a thing like a left end lunch box)
and router of an optical circuit generate heat considerably
The cooling device has protected the trouble by heating. Even if it calls it a cooling device
Although only ventilated by FAN from back, troubles,
such as a phenomenon in which it does not answer, decreased.

[Its own cooling device]
With for adjustment to 9cm FAN] volume.
A power supply converts AC adapter of junk. Two pieces were manufactured.

System equipment

Four sets are arranged in under a desk.

    [Main server]         [Stock server]      [Sub server]  
[Main PC]

Although the sub server is always working except the time of a maintenance, a main server
and a stock server are unfixed. Servers are located in underfoot.
however, there is much cable leading about elapsing !- it will not become somehow ...

Introduction of the network Devices currently used is here.

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