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This homepage is the site of the individual hobby which I, tamachi is managing at home server.

yCaution and Wishz

1) Please contact me, when you link except for some pages, although the link was free.

2) When it is judged that it is unsuitable at BBS etc., I will delete by judgment of  mine, Admin.

3) Since not all the contents are necessarily right, when being made reference,
    please give them to me by judgment of an individual.

4) No matter damage [ what ] may reach from the contents currently written by the homepage,
    no responsiblity of the is undertaken.

Thank you for your consideration. _o_   Admin's contact is here 

This is the site of a nonprofit individual's hobby.

About copyright
If you can point out when there are a picture which is in this Web site., and a thing considered to be unjust from the contents of description, I will carry out correspondence of deletion etc. at once.

The other thing has ownership to tamachi.