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Stock server
This its original work server is PC which was being used for 2001 age and the game server use from the first.
When put on the shelf, it was made to revive for evaluation of a Linux version AVP2 game server.
It is a temporary employment start on December 12, 2003.
There is also a situation which does not move unless it is Pthred correspondence of Redhat7.1 in restrictions
of the Linux version game server program.
Chip and the part old several or more generations with which this server withered carry out just fit to Redhat7.1 and were lucky.
Isn't an old part a squirrel Ă thing literally, either?
(It checked moving satisfactory, when the 7.X compatible library was put in, even if it was not Redhat 7.X in a subsequent verification)
In a main server, since Redhat7.1 did not correspond to a part (HW) in part, this OS was not installable.
HW composition of a main server was improved based on the contents which evaluated Linux by this server.
Although the main server was changed into Linux in December, 2003, since it was easy to treat this server and it is stable
For the time being, do not break environment, and I am employing it and consider like this.
Since there is 1.2 G bytes of physical memory, it is the the best for moving the server ability which needs many memories.
Although IntelPro100+ ( OEM product for IBM) was used, it follows on GigaBit-ization, and NIC is National Semicondactor
It changed into DP8535.
At work, while using a main server, the game server is employed by this server.



OS FedoraCore2 Linux
MB Gigabyte GA6-VTXE-A Socket370
CPU PentiumV 1.12G(FCPGA2)
Memory SDRAM PC 133 1.2GByte
HDD IDE 60G~1(Urtra ATA 100 )
RAID Urtra ATA 133 RAID PCI card (SIL680A)
RAID is un-set up.
NIC National Semicondactor DP8535 GigaBit NIC
Video Nvidia Geforce4  MX440SE 64MB
Power Huve-300 (300W)

The game server under employment
It is UP by the shooting game corresponding to the network multi-play "Aliens Vs.Predetor2."

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