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Here every we would like to write concerning the red board. The introduction with LP is center.
First those which the "Toshiba corporation" sells are introduced. Perhaps this it is unusual. .
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Toshiba which is Beatles' sale cause the sixties produces the record which on the center it colors with the red material and calls this the "red board".
LP of course was sold with EP and the single being, red board.
The individual electrification inhibitor that the compound is done in vinyl chloride, it developed on 1950 age ends,
The point which decreases the adhesion of the dust by the static electricity is functional major feature.
You persist in function, if was, it is said that it did not color and it is the case that also the 縺ヲ is good, but for discrimination conversion it produced with the red material.
In the domestic Beatles fan being well-known with the logograph "of EVER CLEAN", it had unique deep redness
It is the case that it called the Toshiba record in this name.
But are to be limited sold with the red record from around 1978 extending through 1986, several titles the red board the different thing which is not said.
It judges whether it is the red board from the record sleeve, excluding part in regard to LP and EP in some oak and others of the jacket
Like under the logograph "of EVER CLEAN" is printed.


In the foreign country, to be called crimson red  vinyl or deep red, as for Beatles' of the having attachment beauty item
It is the expression such as "Scare Japanese CRIMSON RED Vinyl with OBI MINT condition" extremely it is prized.
It is transacted at the price which is much higher than the UK original board depending upon the thing.

Toshiba history
When talking the red board, we would like to understand also production original history.
Becomes the production cause of the red board Toshiba which started from around 1950 "Toshiba" (Toshiba) the record division in the origin
Becoming independent on 1960 October 1st, it became the "Toshiba music industrial corporation". (At that time 100% Toshiba subsidiary company)
On 1973 October 1st executing trade name modification simultaneously with the capital entry of home country EMI at the "Toshiba EMI Co. LTD".
Reaching up to 1994, capital ratioCapitol-EMI Music and Inc. 55%, (Inc.) becomes Toshiba, 45% has become the subsidiary company of EMI.

Production period of red board
It is called around 1958 that production of the red board starts, but it is not this clear. .
As for being able to say simply, as for the sixties it seems that the red board is produced regardless of the genre of music.
For example folk song and song tune, popular, lock and easy listening, fork and 繧ッ繝ゥ繝・す繝・け music etc..
Because of this it was not especially Beatles private limited edition, you think that extremely it was produced normally.
It assumes that the Beatles and the like the black board are unusual, the red board exists in all titles not just the press quantity and the Beatles and high it is unclear.
In addition when we hear in the seniors, the treble is attenuated and from the fact that sound is not good audio,
Specially, it probably will do the method which purchases the black board is. (So you do not think, but. .)
The sixties the natural way is the red board which is, but it keeps decreasing extremely from around 1970.
After as for this the capital entry of EMI being decided after 1970, for rationalizing such as cost reduction?
Finally it stopped completely happening to see from 1973 end of year. .
As for the last red board where I have known single "GIVE ME LOVE" of 1973 May sale.
2005/03/27 postscript corrections
The other title which in around May 1972, I  purchased with the new item, "stereo this is the Beatles VOL1&VOL2. "  was the AKABAN, it does, but
It loses and type of OBI cannot remember details. Directly being afterwards, with stock LP which it purchases in medieval times
"WHITE ALBUM", forever type OBI (with 4400 Yen seal), the TOSHIBA MUSICAL INDUSTRY's  label & the sleeve has the AKABAN.
But as for this according to the opinion of Mr.MASA may be also a possibility where it can replace just the band.
We heard opinion even in Mr.mogu "of THE BEATLES WORLD", but this will enjoy future excavation
With it stopped meeting to the conclusion which is said. It is appreciation in opinion of both other people!

* With the last red AKABAN LP where "WINGS WILD LIFE" of 1972 sale is verified,
With single even in John's of 1974 sale "MIND GAMES" there is a red board, it seems. (Information offer: Mr.MASA 2005/03/14)

The photograph first is thought as period, it is the red board which Toshiba produces.
It was the unique color tone which is the transparent impression to being the black red .

"1986 issued TOSHIBA EMI LTD. limited RED Vinyl"
As for the photograph the monaural mixed board of the UK cutting specification which is sold in 1986. It is Toshiba EMI make.
Color is not mixed just has been attached as for the electrification inhibitor. Clearing whose also color is bright.


「"Memory of red board"


In case of me, you do not know the zenith time of the red board generation completely. It meaning that the fact that it starts inquiring about the Beatles is around 1971 end of year
The record which at that time is purchased the majority was the black board.
The only, you inserted in the hand and "VOL1. where stereo this is the Beatles" VOL2. where A "stereo this is the Beatles" ・ェ apple board
It was the only red board, but while that you lent to the friend it became the whereabouts unclear.
When at that time, I who am the junior high school student did not know the existence of the red board, inserting in the hand to the color which is weight somewhat from other LP, is reddish extremely having done
Becoming aware, the 縺・doing the record in the illumination, memory it puts out the fact that you watched. . Regrettable!

At that time of the seniors how was, probably will be?

When it enters into junior high school, the party who the ear of the blowing easy section gains, "as for the red board sound is bad, as for the record of the classic London sound is good",
And so on with being something which is said, because it does, also the single of the Beatles' searching the specially black board, buying, it increased, (laughing)

At that time the red board sound is worse than the black board, it was said at part, but
In case of me being charmed in after all that clean color, searching the red board specially, don't you think? you had bought.
Simply, having decreased, to go round the red board to seventies beginning which reaches the point where I gather the Beatles very.
If even then patience you searched well, it entered into the hand relatively easily. When finding, "you do, the 縺・-! "With it was the feeling which is said, (laughing).
Simply, as for me being something which from that time was gathered in the import board center, the red boards are few, is.
After all, the red board which can be bought with the new item "SECOND ALBUM" of Capitol compilation, already had become the apple label , single"Lady Maddona" and  Paul's  "my love",
The other than of that just something which from after is bought in medieval times.

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THE AKABAN before the Beatles' debut in Japan
When before the Beatles country debutting, you refer to LP, it was sold on 1964 April 5th
Album "MEET THE BEATLES! The red board which is sold "in the past is introduced.

"SECRET LOVE" 1960年頃発売

"SECRET LOVE front sleeve"

"Back sleeve"



"Record A side"

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"Front sleeve"
"Back sleeve"
折り返し部分にUK盤と同じようにパテント表記があります! しかもエンボス加工になっています..

"Record & Inner sleeve"
Capitol系列のリバティレーベル。インナーはデビューアルバム"MEET THE BEATLES!"でも使用された


歴史/製造期間  古い赤盤  竹ひごスリーブ  ベンチャーズLP  赤盤の思い出

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