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[corega BAR SW-4P HG] PLANEX BRL -04FA]
From YahooBB8M ADSL to use
The throughput of newest RISK tip adoption 65M Although it was hung by the complaint and purchased Just as it makes it FTTH, it is exposed of the shortage of capability.
A numerical value comes only out of an average of 17 MBps(es)
I hadtheacquaintance take over finally.
It checks that NTT has begun to beat 78MBps(es) by note PC direct connection on the BFlest opening-of-traffic day.
It is cancellation w
, without wavering, since it is.
[Persol PBR 007]
It finds having dumped for 2800 yen.
It is hung by the printer server function.
w which has carried out impulse buying
A throughput calls it 81MBps(es).
It sings and a complaint is also Good.
In the environment of tamachi, it is BFlets.
About 40 MBpses are a limit. (TT;
The metal case of firm structure
There is no merit in addition to P server ability.
is a good router free from vic
[NTT ME BA8000Pro]
After FTTH introduction
What is being used in exchange
A throughput is survey.
although it came out 76 MBpses
Temporary use is STOP(ed)
to the situation.

[The measurement result of a NTT Flets square]
In the measurement via a provider, it falls by about 5-10 MBpses.
[PC for measurement] 2004/08/25 Measurement

The same by the communication apparatus which connects a network being different from a router,
speaking specially, or a different physical layer
The communication protocol below a Network layer is changed by mutual,
and communication is made possible.
When using it at home aside from such a difficult talk, two or more PCs can connect
with a broadcloth band simultaneously.
I think that it is good by understanding called the convenient network apparatus
which prevents a hacker's penetration.
(The so-called broadcloth band router)
Throughput is important to employ a communication zone called 100MBps efficiently
as a point which selects a router in the FTTH environment.
Capability may be insufficient if it shifts to FTTH even if the speed in ADSL or CATV is satisfying.
Although tamachi exchanged several sets or the router until now,
corega BAR SW-4P HG
is made main as of October, 2003.
Although the maker announcement value of an execution throughput is a thing called 89MBps
and measured value 97MBps in SmartBit in FTP
In the environment of tamachi, a socket buffer and the overhead of JAVA are considered,
or I become, and think that it is a good numerical value.
The average of BFlets New Family is called about 25MBps-30MBps.
It just prays that a state with this continues.

When tamachi was an active network engineer around 1995,
no less than 3 million yen dealing with 3ComIP and IPX are carried out.
Brouter (coined word of the meaning of having w Bridge and the Router function
which were such a name those days)
It is nostalgic to have taken an official trip and worked to Nagoya.
I never thought that a router could be owned individually by no means those days.


NIC (Nick) of a LAN card or a network interface card is good
in the abbreviated name of Network Interface Card.
It is the hardware for giving a communication function to a computer.
The global and unique network address is separately assigned in hardware, and is in it.
Usually, it is supplied as an expansion card or an external device,
and two or more communications can be performed simultaneously.
It is NIC which must set and be in using Broadband at any rate.
In FTTH, since [ important ] a throughput is affected especially together with the performance of a router,
it cannot make light of.
without the function in which most is LAN is carried as standard and it adds recently,
without asking a maker and its original work PC -- immediately
Although it is in the state which can carry out Broadband use, since there are
some out of which a throughput seldom comes to inside, it is used.
I think that the direction which feels dissatisfaction is at the thing
which may have the purchase of NIC newly inquired.
the performance of a controller in which most performances of NIC are
used for the board, and a driver -- it depends for the ability doing

tamachi used it, and I have also included the good thing and the bad thing,
and want
to carry out shoes basket introduction here.

[CoregaFether W PCI-TX]

They are a CPU maker and NIC which carries Chip of AMD.
Although it is not used and a throughput is not necessarily good,
it is preeminent for stability when load is high.
For example, load is quite also in this state to PC and NIC which copy the file of Gigabit to a server.
A file is transmitted certainly.
While using NIC of a low-end product which carries Chip made from Realtek,
a problem is mostly at the time of the file copy in LAN.
Although it becomes impossible to have read and the faults
from which connection is cut had occurred frequently,
after changing into this NIC, it completely generates.
It will not carry out. It is recommendation when it seems that it dumps
with stock and can purchase at a low price although it is already the product of a manufacture stop.
tamachi found and purchased selling for 580 yen with the YODOBASHI camera in May, 2003. (1/10 of price!)
Probably, it will be unnecessary except the home server use of reliability serious consideration,
since probably considering a price it is not for general.
(The 64Bit server NIC which put in order is required of the business-use severe use
as which high-speed DB access is required.)
Although acquisition is difficult, what is considered to be an equivalent product is sold
from Allid Telesiis of CenterCom.
Refer to here. LA100 PCI-T VT3

[I-O DATA ET100 PCI-L] [NetGear FA311] Recommended NIC!

Chip of National Semiconducter is carried by the PC peripheral maker and NIC which I-O DATA had put on the market.
this Chip -- made in Intel -- it is famous for the CPU load at the time of
communication being low together with 82550C carried in Pro100S
The retail article of Pro100S is sorry about carrying out, since this product doubles 5-6.
This product of I-O DATA also serves as a manufacture stop in April, 2003.
It will be because the driver of this Chip is not incorporated but there is no flexibility as a reason at Windows 9X and 2000.
(Since the driver is built into OS, WindowsXP is OKed)
It is also the user who is inexperienced about LAN by the time ADSL began to spread when this product was put on the market.
Since it is a candidate for selling, it is surmised that it is the reason.
Since the price was also cheap, although it is called market mechanism with less than 1,000 yen, is it regrettable?
Refer for the specification of this product
here to

using it -- -- it is -- although -- preeminent for a throughput and stability Considering a price, cost performance is the highest.
When it changes from NIC which carries especially Chip made from Realtek, they are the display response of Web, and a file.
download speed has been improved and it has been moved deeply. PC and becoming unstable also decreased.
A maker of what [ Ǎ and ] is also almost Chip of Realtek.
Although it is already the product of a manufacture stop, when being sold also finds it, it is NIC which may be purchased by prompt decision.
What is considered to be an equivalent product in fact is sold from NetGear.
Since it was the completely same performance when tamachi used it, although there were few stores currently treated
Probably, receiving here will be good. The price of a price is about 1000 yen.
This NIC took out the value of the highest [ environment / of tamachi ] in a Flets square as of October, 2003.
Refer for product information here to.

[Corega FEther PCI-TXS]

By NIC which Corega had put on the market, RTL8139C Chip of Realtek famous for the mark of a crab is carried.
most products seen ordinarily in mass home electronics retailers, such as Buffalo and PLANEX, carry this Chip
The maker of what has also adopted with the low-end product NIC in since OS of most of these Chip(s) is supporting as standard.
If the CPU load at the time of communication is famous for a high thing and becomes severe conditions, there is a tendency for stability to be missing.
Not only Corega but the same Chip is used, and also it is surmised that a performance hardly changes a maker's product, either.
Since it is as cheap as 700 - 900 yen, although it becomes also including
he product of a price and the other company that a hand is likely to be involuntarily taken out with the 1st of the beginning
Direction while using PC with built-in NIC which has already used Chip(s), such as Intel, and 3COM, BroadCOM
We recommend you to use as it is strongly, without purchasing this game purposely, since it repents.
Since tamachi had the terrible terrible experience now, this NIC has been completely put on the shelf.
* This thinks the capacity of Chip instead of the responsibility of the maker who carried Corega or same Chip.
(The problem will not be generated if Web is seen ordinarily)
Although this product also ended production and shifted to the succeeding new
product, refer for specification here to

[IBM PCI Ethernet 10/100] [Attached manual]

the time of being in the company of the IBM series a long time ago -- HW system block of IBM -- a chart -- technical data -- origin
" -- why -- being such -- it is high It is NIC in the estimated work of PC, thinking ".
The IBM deer will also be named an Aptiva pure article 2003 in November, and it is Sofmap of Shinjuku.
It sees that it is piled and is impulse buying. And 1,480 yen!! It was extream cheap.
In memory of tamachi, I think that 20,000 yen or more were carried out surely.
The ShrinkWrap also of the manual is carried out for the same system as ancient times,
and 34L-1201 and a product part number do not change with ancient times, either, but it is .
Some expectations were not betrayed and it felt relieved.
If Chip instantly carried in NIC is seen, it is marking of what and Chip. "i Marking"
That's right, if the part arrangement and the print of a base with which IntelChip is carried are checked
It is completely the same as Intel100/PRO, and seems to be the OEM supply product to IBM.
If a driver authentic positive in Intel is installed in a trial
"Intel(R) PRO / 100 Network Connection" It is displayed on a device manager.
If the part number of Chip calls it 82559 and is said with the product of Intel, it is the same as what is used by 100-/PRO+.
NIC used with main PC is [ whether it is also determination or ] to this.
Refer for the specification of 100-/PRO+ here to.
It seems that 100-/PRO+Intel itself can come to hand for 3000 yen - 4000 yen by Bulk.

It will be NIC of an introduction schedule from now on. :
GreenHouse GH-ELG32B, Corega FEther PCI-T32

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