Here, I think everything writing about THE AKABAN. Introduction by LP gas takes the lead.
I introduce what "Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd." put on the market at first. This may be new.
Toshiba with Beatles's right of selling manufactures the record colored for the red material focusing on the 1960s.
This is called "THE AKABAN."
Of course, as for LP gas, EP and the single were also put on the market by THE AKABAN.
Party ウンド of the original spray for preventing static electricity said to have developed at the end of the 1950s is carried out at vinyl chloride.
The point which lessens adhesion of the dust by static electricity is the functional big feature.
Although it is not necessary to color if devoted to a function, it is said that it manufactured with a red material for differentiation.
It had peculiar deep redness in the domestic BEATLES fan by the old friend in the LOGO of "EVER CLEAN."
It is said that the record of Toshiba was called by this name.
However, the title of the shoes chip from 1978 age in 1986 and carry out limited sale by the red record is a different thing which is not called THE AKABAN.
or [ that it is THE AKABAN from a record sleeve ] -- judging -- LP gas and EP -- being related -- a part -- removing -- where of a jacket -- it is
The following LOGO of "EVER CLEAN" is printed.

Beatles's 美品 which is called Crimson red, wears overseas and is attached
It is the expression "Scare Japanese CRIMSON RED Vinyl with OBI MINT condition", and is very treasured.
Depending on the thing, it deals with
at the price much higher than UK original board.

History of Toshiba
I want to also understand the history of the manufacturer, when telling THE AKABAN.
For Toshiba which becomes the manufacturer of THE AKABAN, the record operation division of "Tokyo Shibaura Electric" (Toshiba) which started around in 1950 is an origin.
It became "Toshiba music industrial incorporated company" independently on October 1, 1960. (It is the subsidiary of 100% Toshiba those days)
Trade name change is carried out to "Toshiba-EMI, Inc." simultaneously with capital entry of native country EMI on October 1, 1973.
If it continues till 1994, a capital ratio becomes Capitol-EMI Music, Inc.55%, and 45% of Toshiba Corp., and serves as a subsidiary of EMI.

The manufacture period of THE AKABAN
Although it is said around 1958 that manufacture of THE AKABAN started, this does not clarify.
It seems that a musical genre was not asked but THE AKABAN was manufactured in the 1960s that it can merely say.
For example, a folk song, a popular song, popular music, a lock, easy-listening music, a fork, classic music, etc.
For this reason, I am not especially a limited edition only for Beatles, and think that it was manufactured very ordinarily.
It is unknown whether THE AKABAN existed in press number of sheets, or not only Beatles but all titles by supposing that Beatles's 黒盤 is newer.
Moreover, when I ask the method of many seniors, it is from loud sound declining and sound not being good in audio.
It is said that some people had purchased 黒盤 purposely.
Although it is THE AKABAN which existed so that naturally, it will decrease extremely from 1970 age in the 1960s.
Is this for rationalization, such as cost reduction, after capital entry of EMI is decided in 1970 and afterwards?
It stopped seeing at all from 1973 ends of the year at last.
THE AKABAN of the last which I know is single "GIVE ME LOVE" of ジョージ Harrison of May, 1973 sale.

* Seemingly, by LP gas, THE AKABAN is in "MIND GAMES" of John of "WINGS WILD LIFE" of sale, and 1974 sale by the single in 1972.
(Information offer : Mr. MASA 2005/03/14)

A photograph is THE AKABAN which is considered to be a beginning term and which Tokyo Shibaura Electric manufactured.
Although it was dusky red, it was
peculiar tone with a transparent feeling.
enlarge (1600x1200)
"1986 issued TOSHIBA EMI LTD. RED Vinyl"
A photograph is the UK original monophonic mix board put on the market in 1986. Toshiba-EMI make.
The spray for preventing static electricity is not mixed only by the color being attached. The clearance
also with a bright color.
enlarge (1600x1200)

Recollections of THE AKABAN

About me, the height-of-prosperity time of THE AKABAN is not known at all generationally. Since it began to hear Beatles at the 1971 end-of-the-year time
Most of the record purchased those days was BLACK VINYL.
only and got" -- a stereo -- this is Beatles -- VOL1." and" -- a stereo -- this is Beatles -- VOL2." -- an apple board ながら
It has gone missing, also lending a friend it, although it was the only THE AKABAN.
I who was that time and a junior high school student am that there is weight a little and the awfully reddish color is recognizing existence of THE AKABAN from others and LP gas when it gains, not knowing and.
it is recollections about having noticed, having held up the record to lighting and having looked at it -- it carries out .. regrettable
How was it those days [ of the method of many seniors ]?

Sound of London is [ the party who had the ear / good / for the brass band / the classic record with a sound bad / "THE AKABAN ] good, when it goes into a junior high school."
Since it is called など, in search of the black board, he also bought Beatles's single purposely (smile).

THE AKABAN before Beatles sale
When said by LP gas before the Beatles inside debut, it was put on the market on April 5, 1964.
I introduce THE AKABAN put on the market before album "MEET THE BEATLES!."

"SECRET LOVE" 1960 age sale
LP gas sold to the Tokyo Shibaura Electric record operation division time. The author is Roger Williams.
it is the same as that of the Richard Ku radar man present with easy-listening music -- when I have you consider, the contents of LP gas are intelligible

"SECRET LOVE front sleeve"
There is no coating with a thin sleeve.

"Back sleeve"
A familiar sleeve with a vertical cuff.
The basic layout of this entering liner notes is succeeded up to 1970 age.

"U.S. KAPP" label with the manufacture credit of Tokyo Shibaura Electric.

It is torn in part and the inner sleeve of the original made from paraffine disappears, though regrettable.

"Record A side"
Although it is the stereo LP gas of 40 years or more ago, sound has also come out firmly and the merit of an analog board can be realized anew.

LOGO of Tokyo Shibaura Electric
LOGO of the record which Tokyo Shibaura Electric manufactured etc.
"Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd."
This is printed on inner sleeve.
It is printed also on the sleeve back.
This old style of handwriting is nostalgic very.
Effect of EVER CLEAN
The comparison photograph with the conventional product of the electrification prevention effect was also printed on インナー those days.
The experiment photograph by the ashes of tobacco etc. Is this persuasive

This LOGO is an old friend also to a ビートルズ fan. As [ registered trademark / especially ]

The label which Tokyo Shibaura Electric was treating those days. Odeon is not printed although there is same Mino Capitol.
An Odeon label will already be in 1960 of that time when this record was put on the market before Beatles.
It is said that it was used by Cliff Richard and Shadows.
Information offer : Mr.MASA)

An inner sleeve with a bamboo stick.
The inside is pasted up with the bamboo stick for reinforcement of the inside of a back sleeve side.
Although Beatles's thing is stopped with the Scotch tape, is it the best method on account of PERA JACKET?
Attachment of a bamboo stick must have worked
by hand at the time of sleeve manufacture.
The place which took out the bamboo stick.
This bamboo stick is whether to have laid in a stock from the toy maker (smile

Although music is seldom liked in the album of Ventures put on the market two years after becoming the Toshiba music industry from Tokyo Shibaura Electric (smile)
The jacket design has made use of very much. It is the sleeve of the same coating specification as Beatles.
"Front sleeve"
"Back sleeve"
The price of Stereo LP gas was still 1,500 yen.
A portion has a patent notation like UK board by return! And it is
emboss processing.

"Record & Inner sleeve"
The Liberty label of a Capitol series. Inner は"MEET THE BEATLES" was also used.
The white plain type
of wax paper with a lid.

I introduce various THE AKABAN next time.

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